Hi, nice to meet you

I’m Ren, a passionate Graphic Designer with a proven record of delivering creative design solutions. Highly-organised and qualified Creative Advertising graduate with the ability to develop projects from inception through production to final delivery, ensuring that all work is effective, appropriate and delivered within agreed timescales. Resourceful, accomplished and dedicated designer with a keen eye for details. Experienced in advertising, branding, packaging and corporate design. Committed to developing creative skills and knowledge by taking on new challenges in order to progress my career further. Interested in joining an ambitious company that wants to recruit the best Graphic Designer around.

I am also multilingual and work with both Polish and English speaking clients. 🇵🇱 🇬🇧

Creativity is breaking out of established patterns to look at things in a different way.

~ Edward de Bono

If I haven’t convinced you already (strange), I have listed below some of my skills and assets so you can get to know me better before we meet face to face or over Skype, Zoom, Teams, Tind… (oops, maybe not that one) or any other platform available in these strange times. Here they come:

ADAPTABLE – capable of fitting a particular situation or use; you know if it fits it sits 😀
ADROIT – simply clever (modest too)
ADVENTUROUS – I once tried to get some honey from a beehive… regretted it immediately
AMBITIOUS – sooner or later but I will get there!
CAT LADY – feel obligated to warn you
CURIOUS – I LIIIIVE to learn. I peak. I watch. I ask. I ask more. I ask more, more, and more until I get a satisfying answer. Then I find something else to ask about…
CREATIVE – I can make something out of nothing (it’s a wrong saying by the way as ‘nothing’ by definition doesn’t exist, so I guess I just make something special out of something ordinary)
COLOURFUL – I am in love with colours, I could marry the Pantone guides if they were a man
CONSIDERATE – yes I do consider (on occasions) that there is something called a deadline xD
COURAGEOUS – actually not really, I’m afraid of heights
COURTEOUS – yes that’s right, chivalry is not exactly dead yet
INTUITIVE – well obviously, it comes with the job description (a woman)
INVENTIVE – I can find creative, ingenious solutions to problems (if people only listen)

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

~ Plato

PASSIONATE – perfection is what drives me (mad)
PERSISTENT – stubbornly unyielding like a donkey (got that after my grandpa so not my fault here)
PRACTICAL – wouldn’t you like to know what’s in a woman’s purse, huh?
RATIONAL – guided by my intellect only
RELIABLE – as your mother’s best recipe
RESOURCEFUL – probably not as good as Google but close enough
WITTY – combining clever conception and facetious expression (so they say); you may already give up trying to understand my jokes. Honestly, stop.

Can’t wait to talk to me? Just drop me a message and let’s chat over a cuppa or another beverage or over zoom due to certain covid circumstances. We can still have that cuppa “together” though on other sides of the screens 😀

The Journey

Get to know a little of my history and the road I’ve traveled that took me to where I am today.


Graduated as Technician of Economics in Poland and moved to UK


Moved to Cheltenham to start my University journey


Graduated with 2.1 Ba(Hons) in Advertising


Got my first full time job as a Graphic Designer